To participate in the Saturday morning Virtual Clubhouse via ZOOM, use the information shown below.  NOTE:  this information may change from time to time.  It should be valid for today's Virtual Clubhouse.

The meeting ID is:  607 249 105
The meeting password is: 682334

You may participate in these different ways:

(if you don't already have it installed, you will be prompted to download and run the Zoom meeting Launcher)
  • via your mobile phone using the internet
(you will need the ZOOM Cloud app installed on your mobile in advance of the meeting)
  • via telephone (audio only):  253-215-8782
(listen to the voice prompts for instructions, note:  *6 toggles mute/unmute, *9 toggles "raise hand")


When you are given the opportunity to enter your name, please use your first name and call sign.

Please keep your audio muted when you are not speaking and use "raise hand" to get the moderator's attention.