The Radio Club of Tacoma is host to the Clifford J. "Doc" Spike, W7OS, Antique Radio Museum.

Doc Spike (1900 - 1991) was a long-time, iconic member of the Radio Club of Tacoma.  His personal call sign was W7OS.

The W7OS Antique Radio Museum is located in a room on the upper level of the Clubhouse. See the Photo Gallery for pictures of many items in the Museum collection. You might even see a few snapshots of club members warming themselves by the heat of vacuum tubes glowing in old radio equipment. Some of the Club's antique transmitters and receivers dating back to the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's are dusted off for making on-the-air contacts by Morse Code with other hams around the world, especially on Straight Key Night, an annual event that starts at 4:00 PM (PST) on New Year's Eve. We hope you will be listening for the Antique Radio Museum station call sign, W7OS ... "Whiskey Seven Old Socks".


W7OS - 1     W7OS - 2 



Rich Patrick, KR7W
Curator, W7OS Antique Radio Museum
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