An annual Awards Banquet for members and their guests is held every December. The Awards Banquet is always an enjoyable social event, as well as an opportunity to publicly recognize and express appreciation for those members who have helped to advance the purposes of the Club.


Members and their guests attended the Radio Club of Tacoma annual Awards Banquet, held this year on Saturday December 11 at the Collins Grange, 3404 120th St E, just off of Waller Road.  Good food, award presentations and door prizes were enjoyed by all.  A few who were unable to make the trip attended via Zoom.

The prestigeous Doc Spike Inspirational Award was presented this year to Gary McAdams, WG7X, a long time club member who has contributed consistently and served in many official roles, including President and three stints as editor of The Logger's Bark.

Here is the program booklet for the 2021 Awards Banquet.

Recognition Programs are described in the Standing Rules, as updated from time to time by the Board of Directors. Two of these annual awards are summarized below:


This honor is awarded most years, in the memory Doctor F. Clifford Spike W7OS, an early member of the Radio Club of Tacoma whose long service and devotion to the club was the inspiration for the award. It is made to the Club Member(s) who:

  • best represent the true spirit of Amateur Radio,
  • inspire others to promote and insure current and future success of the Radio Club of Tacoma and
  • has devoted tireless efforts in support of Club operations.

The Club maintains a Doc Spike Inspirational Award Plaque listing the names of recipients and the year they were awarded this honor.


This award may be made by the President annually to the person the President believes has contributed significantly to the mission and purposes of the Radio Club of Tacoma over the past year. Members may nominate candidates for consideration by the President.


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