On New Year's Eve, some may wish they could celebrate at parties and sing Auld Lang Syne.  But hams who enjoy tapping out Morse Code signals on an old fashioned straight key will enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the annual ARRL Straight Key Night.

Normally the W7OS Antique Radio Museum would come alive for Straight Key Night, but the pandemic forces us to wait until next year for that.  Straight Key Night is highly recommended, however, as an activity for your home station.

It's sort of a contest, but no one keeps score.  It starts officially at 0000 hours UTC on the first day of the new year (that's December 31, 4PM PST) and runs for 24 hours. Lubricate your fist with an adult beverage, if needed (and if you are an adult), call or listen for CQ SKN, then just have a nice chat with a station on the CW portion of the band.  Then give it another try.  Slow speed and a rusty style are perfectly OK for SKN.

You will find pictures of some of our past SKN events in the Photo Gallery.