Radio Club of Tacoma Library Purpose, Policies, and Projects as of January 13, 2006


The library exists to preserve the history of the club and of radio, as well as provide up-to-date technical information to members.

Policies for Library Assessment and Management

1. Limited space requires careful selection of materials for RCT library collection
A. Final authority to make library decisions, or decisions about donations, belongs to Head Librarian in consultation with Library Committee
B. When donations are accepted the donor relinquishes all claims on the donated material: donor can receive a tax-deductible receipt upon request; donated items (as appropriate) go to library, Saturday flea markets, or annual Hamfest (sale of donated items benefits W7DK organization)
C. The Head Librarian in consultation with Library Committee periodically culls out-dated or unneeded items from the library
2. Priority given to items related to the history of the Radio Club of Tacoma
3. Priority given to items recording the history of radio or radio operations
4. Priority given to items necessary for up-to-date understanding of radio theory, construction, or operations (especially FCC, ARRL, other important amateur radio organizations)
5. New items will be acquired over time in accord with previous criteria
6. Oakman Research Library items do not circulate; DeMaw Circulating Library items do.
7. Library policy and projects are approved by the RCT Board

Current projects under oversight of the Library Committee
1. Weeding or culling of library to make space for new items
2. Enhancing the usefulness of the library by selective new acquisitions
3. Deciding about acceptance of donated items
4. Stamping and labeling of library items, computer cataloging of library items
5. Fitting new shelving to make the library more accessible and the upstairs more inviting of use
6. Securing items of extraordinary value (special archives)
7. Establishing a library computer terminal upstairs for work with library catalog and select on-line reading materials

Project in conjunction with Club Historian
Archiving old pictures with identification information.